The Dalineum—Salvador Dali in Beaune

An Unexpected Find in the Burgundy Winelands

We happened on this unexpected little museum quite by chance as we were wandering around Beaune, randomly exploring. What attracted us initially was the lovely old building, and then we noticed the pretty garden—with bright green lawn and a profusion of flowers—with a couple of large outdoor sculptures. On closer inspection we realized they were works of Dali. So…we had to find out more.

This space dedicated to the works of Salvador Dali opened in November 2011 in the old 18th century building of the Bank of France in Beaune. Jean Amiot, art editor and collector of Dali works, was the mastermind behind this project, as he had collected around 800 pieces over 25 years.

Why Beaune? Amiot decided to house this permanent exhibition in his Burgundy homeland.

The museum shows a wide range of his works—there are more than 100 pieces, including sculpture, drawings, paintings and furniture.

It is not a big exhibition but is well presented, with some of the labels and descriptions in English (although not always well translated!). It’s a good place to get an introduction to this famous Catalan artist and is well worth a visit, if you have time, and is a great extension to the Dali Museum in Montmartre, Paris.


This photo is of one of the garden works, called “L’Escargot et l’Ange” (The Snail and the Angel), bronze 1977-1984

Dali was fascinated by natural geometry, especially as evidenced by certain snails with a helix form. Here, a winged messenger from the gods (symbol of speed) comes to rest briefly on the snail, symbol of slowness.

I think it’s great.

26, Place Monge, not far from the Hotel de Dieu

Open all year, except closed December, 11am-6:30pm

Entrance fee: adults 7 euros, students and groups 5 euros, under 12 free

Audio guides in German, English and French




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2 Responses to The Dalineum—Salvador Dali in Beaune

  1. Jean-luc Lagarre says:

    Je veux acheter le sculpture. Est-ce que vous savez le prix?


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