Finding New Restaurants in Paris: Rouge

Rouge on Place du Marché St Honoré


This is a nice square with a cluster of bars and restaurants along two sides, and a small open-air market on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. From close by, the modern glass shopping “mall” in the center is not very attractive, but from further down by Tuileries, when you look up the street, it looks fine—a glass structure straddling a street.

Paris is definitely a city of food delights, among other things, and part of experiencing this city is savoring what its culinary offerings are. Part of that is finding a balance between returning to old places and known dishes, and finding new ones. Each visit we aim for a blend of both.IMG_0856

This, Rouge, is a new one for us. We ate twice at Rouge, at 34 Place du Marché St Honoré on our last visit to Paris. We found it as a recommendation at the back of the Paris markets book and it was close to our apartment that time. It’s small, right in between two other small cafes, but it was great.

IMG_0074There is seating outside (but too smokey for us!) and inside. We opted for inside the first time and it’s very attractive with their wine selection all set out on the full-wall shelves inside—mostly French but some foreign too, a few whites but mostly reds. That evening there was one young serving girl—who was very helpful and friendly and tried a bit of English even though she doesn’t really speak it—and a couple of chefs working from the kitchen downstairs. Because it was Sunday, some things on the menu were not available but it didn’t matter as what they had was really good—simple but well presented and cooked perfectly. Prices were reasonable too. I had a camembert roti, Rod a magret de canard, and we shared a bottle of Medoc red wine and a crème brulee. The canard comes with pepper sauce, gratin potatoes, and salad. Rod said it was definitely the best duck breast he’d ever had. Total was 70.50 euros.IMG_0076

On our return visit, we sat outside and had basically the same meal, except I had the canard and Rod had the entrecote du jour, which came with pepper sauce, gratin potatoes, and a huge serving of haricot verts. 73 euros total.




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