More on Le Belena, Beaune


signUpdate on Le Béléna, Beaune

1 Place Madeleine, Beaune, just a couple of blocks from the Hotel de Dieu and the center of Old Town.

(I briefly mentioned the restaurant on December 9, 2014, but here is a fuller post)

Le Béléna offers traditional French cuisine and has a large outdoor patio in the warmer season. I’m not sure if Le Béléna has a special meaning; someone suggested to me that it comes from an Italian word and means something like “good luck”.

This wonderful brasserie was just along the street from our hotel in Beaune (Hotel de la Paix), so was very convenient. They serve great food in a very friendly atmosphere and with good service. There were always a lot of patrons, which must be a good sign, and lots were locals.

Their symbol is a red poppy (?significance), with large poppies painted outside. There were poppies painted inside too and red flowers at the tables, and lovely water glasses with a red-line pattern. It all gives a very warm feeling.

Pretty water glasses with a red pattern, and ratafia

Pretty water glasses with a red pattern, and ratafia

Rod tests the wine (was good!)

Rod tests the wine (was good!)

You can choose from an a la carte menu, which includes many local favorites such as beef bourguignon, or take the menu de jour.

We stopped here for lunch one day and dinner another. Both meals that we had here were memorable; great food, very pleasant service and reasonable prices.

For dinner we had plats with lamb and veal, with lovely potatoes and vegetables. But, what really took the cake for us were the lunch salads: Rod had a Perigourdine and I had Salade Saint Jacques (scallops). Absolutely amazing. We really need to try those at home. Prices were reasonable too: 2 salads, a carafe of special Burgundy wine, and 2 coffees for 46.20 euros.

My scallop salad was amazing

My scallop salad was amazing

Look at that salad perigourdine!

Look at that salad perigourdine!

Another neat thing for us was that they have ratafia, a different French aperitif that we can’t often find, so we were happy to sip that before our dinner.



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