Paris: And Another New

The inside was a little dim, but you can get the idea

The inside was a little dim, but you can get the idea

Caffe Jadis, 40 rue Notre Dame de Lorette (in the Opera Garnier area)

Caffe Jadis is another new one (to us) that we’d return to if we’re in this part of Paris. It’s just up from our hotel and the hotel receptionist recommended it for “good French cooking.”

Earlier in the evening (7:30pm) when we arrived, there seemed to be only foreign visitors, like us, but after a while lots of French-speakers came too, which reassured us that it’s not just a tourist trap.

Some of the old photos on the walls

Some of the old photos on the walls

My coquilles dish

My coquilles dish

Outside, the restaurant is flanked by 2 quite large olive trees in pots and inside at the front windows are a number of miniature orange trees, with fruit. The walls are decorated with mirrors and many framed old photos of people—the “jadis” of the name, perhaps?

The three waitresses are lovely—very friendly and efficient, and quite happy to switch to English if needed. There’s a smallish regular menu and a chalkboard special menu du jour for 21 euros for 2 dishes. It looked pretty good, but we opted for the a la carte.

For starters: A Kir each. My crab salad with avocado and tomatoes (salade tourteau avocat) was built into a cylinder/tower, with a segment of grapefruit on top. Rod’s escargots were de-shelled (helpful) and smothered in a garlicy-parsley sauce, which were all delicious.

Vin du moment

Vin du moment

For the Main Dish: My whole large coquilles (scallops) came on a bed of mashed potatoes that had plenty of chopped cooked greens in it, topped with snow peas and a ginger-caper sauce. Rod’s mullet (rouget) came in 4-5 small filleted strips, on a black squid dish, with small boiled potato halves topped with a piece of anchovy. We had a bottle of red wine “du moment” (i.e. the special), a Pic Saint Loup, which was well-priced and very good.

All very tasty and beautifully presented. Well done!

Total for all that was 89.50, so pretty reasonable really.


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