Another New (To Us) Hotel In Paris

LouisBlancHotel Paris Louis Blanc

232 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin (10th arrondissement),

Metro: Louis Blanc (line 7) is directly opposite

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we don’t usually stay in hotels in Paris as we prefer an apartment, but recently we’ve only had short stays in Paris, so needed to find hotels. The few I’ve written about here have been pretty reasonable.

For this one we paid $123/night, booked through, breakfast not included. But, they have a pretty breakfast room and the breakfast (extra) looked quite good..

This is another good hotel to know about as it’s quite good and very accessible. It’s in a part of Paris that we were not so familiar with so it was fun to explore, especially the Canal Saint Martin and Bassin de Villette.

As evening approaches more people linger and sit on the edge of the canal

As evening approaches more people linger and sit on the edge of the canal

We arrived quite early in the morning after a long international flight, but luckily they had a room available for us then.

The rooms and beds were very good, but our room faced a noisy street and the a/c wasn’t working properly so we couldn’t close the windows.

However, if we are ever in this part of Paris again for a short visit we would probably stay in this hotel—and book directly through the hotel as when we were there, they had a better rate!

Who is this hotel named after?

Louis Jean Joseph Charles Blanc (quite an array of names!), 1811-1882, was a French politician, historian and journalist, who lived a colorful and somewhat dangerous life. He was a Socialist who favored reforms and he called for the creation of co-operatives in order to guarantee employment for the urban poor. These were never realized, but his political and social ideas helped lead to the development of socialism in France.


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