Joining The Rabbit-Dots


escape2A new twist on “join the dots”

Here’s a huge sign/billboard we found at the front entrance to Gare du Nord when we were leaving Paris to go to Maastricht via Brussels.

I looked everywhere and could not find an explanation, so the message is open to interpretation (perhaps that was the artist’s intent?).

Escape to where and from what?

And why rabbits? Because they can hop and hide? Because they can be escape artists? Why 70 rabbits, and why are some not joined in the writing?

We found it very interesting and still ponder. Any ideas, anyone?


About viviennemackie

Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.
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