A New Favorite Restaurant




The black stone Cathedral is the backdrop

L’Oustagou in Clermont-Ferrand

1 rue du Terrail (just off Place de la Victoire, overlooking the back of the Cathedral)

This might be our new favorite place in Clermont-Ferrand and one of our best in France. It’s billed as a traditional Auvergne restaurant and the food is excellent, as was the service.

It’s in a great location in the middle of the historic city center, but it’s quieter than other restaurants around Place de la Victoire and has a special view of the wonderful black-stone cathedral.



The terrace is just on the other side of the road from the restaurant


Luscious geraniums in planters

windowIt’s a pretty place, grey stone outlining red window frames, a bright red store front, and many flower planters, both lining the outside terrace and on the building’s windows.

We sat outside on the shaded terrace (a huge umbrella canopy and leafy trees), as it was very hot that day. Most other people did the same, so the wait staff were scurrying ni and out. The terrace is on the other side of the road from the restaurant entrance, and the seating area is separated from the small street by planters overflowing with red geraniums. We sat next to one and it was delightful—shady, green and pretty.


Great food


The salad auvergnate is heavy on cheese


An exciting photo—-see the geraniums reflected in the wine bottle?

The restaurant has all kinds of specials, written on a blackboard, and two menus but we just opted to share our two platters, which was more than enough. Some of the regional offerings are truffade, aligot, frogs legs, Auvergnate stew, and stuffed cabbage.

We had 2 kirs, a bottle of Auvergne wine, a large charcuterie and cheese plate, and a large salade auvergnate, all served with very nice crusty artisanal bread. The total of 58 euros is quite reasonable for a great meal in France.

It’s open from 12-2pm for lunch and 7-11pm for dinner.

Can’t wait to get back!



On the red store front, a fun picture of famous Auvergne folk


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