Paris: A Restaurant Re-Visited





All the smokers outside!

Les Petites Ecuries

I wrote about this restaurant before ( )

40 Rue des Petites Ecuries, 10th arrondissement, not too far from Gare de l’Est. Closest Metro stop: Chateau d’Eau.


Rod waits for his beer. See the living wall


Reflectors that make up the side of the bar counter

livingwall We remembered this place from a previous visit to the city when we stayed at the hotel almost opposite. We loved it then and loved it again. What draws you in is the green living wall, then the bar inside made of reflector lights. It’s always crowded and popular, so it must be good.

We sat outside first for a beer near the living wall, but then moved inside to eat—it was too smokey outside! Lots of people in France still smoke, and are allowed to do so outside restaurants, so if there’s an open area with tables, it can get unpleasant for a non-smoker! There’s seating downstairs and upstairs, but we prefer downstairs near the bar so you can watch all the action.



A decent-sized faux filet

We had great service and food—again. Both times, we had wait staff who were really friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. Plus, that night was the semi-final soccer game of the Euro Cup (France v Germany) and the atmosphere in the restaurant was electric—people standing around watching the big TV screen, oohing and aahing, cheering, being disappointed etc. France won 2-0, much to the happiness of the local crowd!

What we had: an Edelweiss beer each, a bottle of rose wine to share, a huge assiette de charcuterie (charcuterie plate) to share, a faux filet (Rod) and a large special salad (Viv). All for a total of 90 euros, which isn’t too bad for a decent place in Paris.


The Petites special salad was wonderful


Happy soccer (football) fans. Note the reflector bar counter


A lovely evening. And definitely, we’ve added this restaurant to our list of favorites in Paris.


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