Vannes: Crêperie St Vincent




Another creperie in Vannes

We discovered galettes while living in Paris and have always loved them as a pleasant lunch. We knew that the probable origin of this tasty dish is Brittany, so on our first visit to Brittany we were eager to try them there too.

Our first stop was Vannes and while wandering around the old city the first day we passed a couple of crêperies, including Crêperie Saint Vincent. We took note, as it looked attractive from outside and was easy to find again as it’s on rue Saint Vincent, which leads directly to the St Vincent Gate and through to Place Gambetta that faces the marina. See my earlier post on St Vincent in Vannes here


Inside Creperie St Vincent


Rod M at our table


Poster about ble noir (buckwheat)

On another day for lunch we decided to eat there and it was a great choice. It’s a pretty place in white and blue with interesting pictures and posters, with seating downstairs and upstairs inside, and some seating outside too. We opted for inside as it was quite windy but some people sat outside and the wait staff happily ferried food out.

Our galettes and a dessert crêpe were very good, so we were very happy that we came and tasted “from the source’, as it were. Galettes are a kind of crepe made from buckwheat flour (farine de blé), sometimes mixed with regular wheat flour (maximum 30%). Buckwheat is not actually wheat as it is not a grass. The plant is related to sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb and it’s the grain-like seeds that are eaten. Its origins appear to be in Southeast Asia many thousands of years ago, and it is still very popular in Japan, China and Russia. It spread to Europe and apparently has been known in France since about the 12th century.


Cider poster


Viv M about to enjoy the galette

Vivscrepe2I had the special galette (shrimp, and vegetables in a curry sauce), Rod a galette complète (cheese, ham, egg), and we each had a small green salad. Galettes are traditionally served with (hard) cider, served in large ceramic cider cups, but we opted for a pichet of wine. We finished off with a shared flambée crepe and a coffee each. The total for all of that was only 38.10 euros. Very well priced we thought.

A great crêperie we thought, with the added bonus of helping us learn about St Vincent in Vannes.


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