Chalk Artist


Chalk artist shares the open space with a dancing group

full“Life without art is stupid”

Paris, the same as many cities around the world that play host to thousands/millions of tourists, is well known for street buskers and entertainers, all hoping to earn a few coins from those passing by. Mostly these buskers are entertaining and it’s fun to stop and look at what they are creating or to watch a mini performance of some sort.

A popular spot for this in Paris is around the Beaubourg and the Stravinsky Fountains. closerOver the years we’ve seen many different folk doing many different things here. The last time we visited, however, this chalk artist stood out. We’ve seen other chalk creations, but none quite as good as this, with its shading and nuances. What do you think?

Interesting too is that his message is in English, so very obviously geared to the tourists. When you think that people will walk all over this creation and that water or rain will wash it away, that this is really ephemeral art, then I believe that it’s well worth it to give the artist some recognition and therefore some coins.


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Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.
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