Not a Station, but a Restaurant


At the start of Passage des Panoramas


Passage des Panoramas


Looks like a railway carriage



Victoria Station, the Wagon Restaurant

11 Blvd Montmartre, opposite the Musee Grevin. Metro: Grands Boulevards, Line 8 or 9.

This restaurant advertises its specials as pizzas au feu de bois (cooked on a wood fire) and grillades au feu de bois.

We’d seen the side of this place at the start of the Passage des Panoramas, which leads off Blvd Montmartre, and took note as it looks very unique—like a railway carriage, plus there are Union Jack signs, signaling Britain. Why a British-themed place here in the heart of Paris? On second thoughts, Paris (besides just “being Paris”) is also pretty cosmopolitan and we see cafes and eateries from the cuisines of many different countries. So, why not a British theme?



Rod M at our table looking out on Blvd Montmartre


Galley, waiter dressed like a train conductor


Booths look like carriage compartments


One evening we ended up here by default as the menus of a couple of bistrots in the Passage didn’t “speak” to us. We got a seat right at the front of the restaurant, looking out on the street through the big glass windows. The concept and decor really are quite unusual, designed to look and feel like railway carriages, with a narrow corridor down the middle and booths(compartments) down one side, with a narrow galley kitchen on the other side. The waiters wear uniforms like a train conductor and the pizza chef, who mans a wood fire at the front, calls a finished order by pulling a bell. A bit funky, but fun. There’s a much bigger area at the back, still with train theme, but not a narrow carriage.



Pizza chef


Big room at the back

Food was fine and plentiful; we had a cotes d’agneau plate each, and shared a bottle of rose wine.

Would we ever return? Maybe just for the novelty, of if we ever take a family visitor to Paris.



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Avid traveler, travel writer and photographer. In an earlier life I was a psychologist, but now am an ESL teacher. Very interested in multiculturalism, and how travel can expand one's horizons, understanding and tolerance.
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