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Parc Monceau; Another Paris Jewel

Paris’s Parc Monceau What a gorgeous green space—another in Paris! Locals love it and you see relatively few tourists here. This 8.2 ha park, first laid out in 1769 by the Duc de Chartres, with garden designer Carmontelle, is in … Continue reading

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More Forbidden Lawns

A Light-Hearted Look At Signs (These found in Paris) As I wrote once before, it’s sometimes hard to know which public lawns one can walk/stand/sit on in France, and which not. There doesn’t always seem to be a logical reason … Continue reading

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World War 1 Centenary Commemorations

Luxembourg Gardens: Fields of Battle, Terres de Paix 14-18 Many people have a direct interest in WW1, as some member of their family was involved in some way. My grandfather fought as a soldier and was badly wounded at the … Continue reading

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Impressions: Paris in Early June

‘Tis the season….for visitors (although I think that’s true for Paris any time of the year really!) Our favorite city is full of visitors already, from many countries, judging from the languages we hear, so it’s bustling with camera-toting folk … Continue reading

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Paris: Le Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden)

              Part of the fun of being in Paris for a while is strolling through the beautiful Tuileries Garden. Created by Catherine de Medicis as the garden of the Tuileries Palace in 1564, it … Continue reading

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Paris Lawns: Forbidden or Not?

  Paris appears to have a rather ambivalent relationship with the city’s public lawns—in parks and gardens, large and small. On the one hand, Parisians obviously love their lawns and will sit on them at any time, especially in the … Continue reading

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Bronze Beasts in the Tuileries Gardens

Paris: At one of the entrances to the Tuileries Gardens off Rue de Rivoli, you’ll find two large bronze statues on either side of the shallow steps going down. We’ve walked past them countless times, but this visit we stopped … Continue reading

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